An Australian based company, Blundstone creates modern, fashionable Chelsea/laced boots aimed for the good outdoors. We had the pleasure of teaming up with them during their spring and winter campaigns in 2019. We focused on gathering a diverse selection of content, and providing post and ad strategy to boost product line awareness and increase post engagement.

As a brand that can take you anywhere, our creative team provided diverse content that showcases the comfort of wearing Bloodstones just about anywhere. 

• Diverse Content creation
• Post content
• Increased engagement across multiple posts
• Increase in brand recognition in the United States market.


It’s safe to say that Kentucky is considered the distilling capitol of the world. With water that is rich in both Calcium and Magnesium, it creates the perfect recipe for distilling. As one of Louisville’s newest distilleries, Prohibition Craft Distillery (PCS) brings back the nostalgia of the roaring twenties with a unique product line named after different parts of its home city. We teamed up with them from the start to help get their brand up and running.

A Freshly Distilled Game plan

One of the exciting things about what we do is learning about different industries, and going on the journey with each of our clients. We decided to use different social media platforms to engage with potential customers and people around the community who love distilling just as much as PCS.

We created engaging content for different social media platforms, designated to captivate the audience and launched ad campaigns aimed at engaging with those who are looking for something fun to do on the weekends, host an event, or something as simple as paying a visit and enjoy a drink!

Our Approach in Design

As a company that bases its roots on the roaring twenties and the thrill of an end to prohibition, we carried this same philosophy into the content we created. Through each step we incorporated a design that takes you back into the 20s and a unique distilling process that is incorporated into every drink made at PCS.